Speciation programs used in 1981 paper in Evolution

These are written in Pascal, a now-rare computer language which I found great for writing programs in that it pressured me to not make some obvious errors. They should run on Free Pascal (fpc), which you can download and install on your computer. It will also compile successfully in most other Pascal compilers.

They are the programs used for the calculations in my 1981 paper in Evolution, "Skepticism toward Santa Rosalia: Why are there so few kinds of animals?" (which was not really a refutation of G. Evelyn Hutchinson's famous paper on the determinants of the number of species, rather it raised the issue of why the genetics of speciation might further limit the number of species of organisms).

Program    which case it calculates
-------      ------------------------
specn.pas      Haploid, 2 loci plus 1 mating cue (version with migration before recombination)
specn2.pas     Same, but recombination before migration
specn3.pas     Same as #2 but can specify initial gene frequencies in both populations
specn4.pas     Also a 4th locus which is a modifier of the strength of assortative mating.
         (Migration before recombination)
specn5.pas     Diploid case without modifier (M before R)
specn6.pas Same as specn5.pas but recomb. before mig.
specn7.pas Same as specn.pas but also an interaction
     parameter for epistasis between loci B, C.