This is a clustering program I wrote in late 1964 or early 1965. I was in the Department of Zoology of the University of Chicago, as a graduate student in Dick Lewontin's lab who liked to mess with computers. Jack Hubby and Lynn Throckmorton had some total-protein-banding data from electrophoresis of Drosophila species which they wanted clustered. They lent me a copy of Sokal and Sneath's 1963 book "Principles of Numerical Taxonomy". It explained many clustering methods. I was intrigued and ended up writing this agglomerative clustering program. It was my introduction to numerical methods in systematics.

This is not the original version but one expanded to handle character-state tree input format and multiple clustering methods.

It was written in FORTRAN II for UC's IBM 7094. The one nonstandard feature is the use of the ampersand character (&) to represent the nonstandard operation of a bitwise AND operation on two integers. Watch out for that!

Later I gave this program, about 1972 or so, to Fred Allendorf so he and Fred Utter could analyze electrophoretic allele gene frequencies to get a phylogeny of salmonid species.

Download the program (a text file with FORTRAN statements or data file lines).

Joe Felsenstein