The blog Panda's Thumb is the most important blog refuting scientific arguments (or ostensibly scientific arguments) by advocates of Intelligent Design and creationism.

I have made a series of guest posts there:

Note -- in 2016 Panda's Thumb migrated to a new software system for comments. For the moment, comments on old posts are missing. Some of the comments -- the first page worth for each post -- are visible if one looks up the page on (the Wayback machine, where the PT site archives will be found here). The old comments have been saved and will ultimately reappear at PT, once the necessary migration work can be done.

and after that I became part of the Panda's Thumb "crew" so my posts were not guest posts. Posts after that are: These are in addition to my numerous comments at PT on posts by others.

Incidentally, my article in Reports of the National Center for Science Education:

Felsenstein, J. 2007. Has natural selection been refuted? The arguments of William Dembski. Reports of the National Center for Science Education 27 (3-4): 20-26.
is available online (free) here.

In addition, I have been honored by having joined a most distinguished group of opponents of creationism and Intelligent Design, having actually met the famous Dr. Steve Steve. The good doctor's assistant, Reed Cartwright, photographed us together at the Portland Convention Center in June, 2010 at the Evolution2010 meetings. I was so excited that my hair stood on end! (At my age you're so happy to have any hair that you don't care which way it goes). Here is Dr. Steve Steve's account of this. Dr. Steve Steve's role in the debate can be examined here where all posts about him at PT are collected.