Joe Felsenstein's courses

In each case the link below is to the web page for the most recent year that I taught it. Many of the courses have links to audio recordings of the lectures in WMA and also in MP3 format. Using them and the lecture presentation PDFs you can hear and see what was presented at each lecture. All that's missing is an animated stick figure of me brandishing a laser pointer.


seminar formerly led
PopGenLunch, a weekly seminar series which has occurred on Fridays at lunchtime (on Wednesdays in Winter Quarter). "Chalk talks" by participants, mostly local, on their research. This is not a course and does not happen every week -- the schedule is announced on a mailing list, whose email address is popgenlunch (at) PopGenLunch started as a weekly seminar about 1973, and continued under my coordination until spring of 2018. After that it will be led by Kelley Harris. The mailing list and schedule link should continue to work.

University courses

I retired in October of 2017, so I will not teach any courses from then on.

Courses formerly taught
Genome 562 (Theoretical Evolutionary Genetics) graduate course on Theoretical Population Genetics. I gave it for the last time in Winter quarter of 2017. From 2019 on it is being taught by Mary Kuhner (see below)
Genome 570 (Phylogenetic Inference) a graduate course on phylogenies, given every other year, and for the last time in Winter quarter of 2016.
Genome 453 (Evolutionary Genetics) an upper-undergraduate course on the genetic mechanisms of evolution. Through 2015, Joe taught it in odd-numbered years in the Autumn quarter (Mary Kuhner taught it even-numbered years then, and teaches it yearly now).
Biology 550D (Morphometrics for Biologists) a graduate course, co-taught with Fred Bookstein, who is Mr. Morphometrics. Was given in Autumn quarter of 2016 on a one-time-only basis.
CSE 590c (Reading and Research in Computational Biology) as one of several faculty members leading this seminar every quarter of the regular academic year (the course is led by Larry Russo, and others include Bill Noble and Su-In Lee).
Genome 541 (Computational Molecular Biology) I taught in this course starting in 2001, and every year thereafter until Spring quarter 2010. A number of other computational biologists taught the rest of the quarter. This is the second quarter of a two-quarter sequence starting with Genome 540. I have not taught in this course after 2010. In years 2001 through 2009 I did not host the course web page on my server, and some of those course web pages may be unavailable. But I do have lecture PDFs and homework assignment PDFs on my server, you can find my lecture PDFs and homework PDFs by using the 2010 links for them, but changing "2010" to the appropriate year.
Genome 560 (Statistics for Genomics students) A 5-week module taught the second half of Spring Quarter, 2009-2011 (paired with Genome 561, taught by Willie Swanson, in the first half of the quarter -- yes, I know they are out of numerical order). This was not a course on the advanced statistical techniques used in genomics, it is an elementary statistics refresher module, and it is not open to students from other departments. From 2012 on it has been a 10-week course, taught by Su-In Lee and Doug Fowler.

Summer courses

I have taught in three summer courses, and these days teach in one or two each summer. Here are links to the most recent occurrences. They include PDFs of my projections and audio files of my talks.

Courses given recently

Courses formerly given

Mary Kuhner's courses

Genome 453 (Evolutionary Genetics) an upper-undergraduate course on the genetic mechanisms of evolution. Taught Autumn quarters until 2017 (in the past Joe Felsenstein taught it in Autumn of the odd-numbered years).
Genome 562 (Population Genetics) a graduate course on theoretical and empirical population genetics. Winter quarter of 2019.
After 2019, Mary moved to a non-teaching position in the Department of Biology.