Reviews of "Inferring Phylogenies"

There were eight online and ten published reviews of the book. As reviews appeared, I put some reactions here. I have provided links to the actual reviews, but these may work only if your institution has the appropriate subscription.

Other reviews that were said to have been coming:

These reviews were at one point thought to be coming. However we have passed the tenth anniversary of the publication of the book. It is unusual to have reviews appear that late. One doubts whether these reviews will ever appear.

For sheer entertainment value, the one I was waiting for was the one in Cladistics (they were sent a review copy, and we were told who it had been assigned to, but by now it is clear that there will not be a review of the book there). For a while I was thinking of offering a modest prize for the most outrageous parody of that imagined review, but I finally decided that there was no point, as the actual review would have inevitably won that competition.

Improbable phrases

Incidentally, Amazon compiles a list of SIP's ("statistically improbable phrases" that appear in my book). Their list turns out to be:
polymorphism parsimony, quartets methods, parsimony score, quartets distance, consensus supertree, multifurcating trees, least squares branch lengths, expected pattern frequencies, distance matrix methods, coalescent trees, short quartets, ancestral selection graph, unit branch length, unrooted tree topology, unrooted bifurcating trees, coalescent genealogy, given tree topology, tree rearrangement, character state tree, partial bootstrap, different tree topologies, least squares tree, phylogenetic invariants, same tree topology, postorder tree traversal

I think this is a great list -- it really gives you a sense of some things my book covers that some others might not.

Those interested in a list of typos and their corrections for the book should look at the web page here.

Those interested in the example data sets used in the book will find most of them available for download here.

Joe Felsenstein