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Bibliography of Theoretical Population Genetics

by Joe Felsenstein

All contents of this bibliography © Copyright 1988 by Joseph Felsenstein

The file "bible" contains the input entries used to create the Bibliography of Theoretical Population Genetics in 1981. The last entries are very early 1981. You should be able to display it on your browser window by clicking here. It could then be saved to your computer by using the Save As option in your browser's File menu.

You are entirely welcome to download and use the Bibliography, as long as you preserve its copyright and do not charge anyone money for it or for access to it. Download the file by using this link and saving the text file to your computer.

You should be able to search for keywords by simply reading this file into an editor or word processor, and using its Find function.

Each entry consists of lines of ASCII characters no more than 80 bytes long. There are three groups of lines in each entry, the Author lines, the Title lines, and the Reference lines. Format should be self-explanatory. The only tricky part is knowing when a group ends.

The general rule is that if an 80-column line has anything nonblank in either column 79 or column 80, that field (Author, Title, or Reference) is to continue to another line. So you keep reading lines until you come to one that is either shorter than 79 characters, or is 79 characters long and has a blank in column 79, or is 80 characters long with columns 79 and 80 both blank. Note that when a field is exactly 79 or 80 characters long this convention requires an extra, totally blank line to follow it to terminate the field.

Author names are inverted for the first name but not for subsequent ones. Blanks in the family name of an author are replaced by asterisks as in "Maynard*Smith". The year of publication is always the last four nonblank characters of the Reference line.

I would like to hear about any interesting transmutations of this form of the Bibliography. I may resume updating it some day. A more certain way of ensuring that it is updated is for you to volunteer to do it.

There was formerly a site at gopher.gdb.org that would do interactive searches of these files. It was maintained by Dan Jacobson. Later, Martin Morgan maintained a searchable version at Washington State University for some years. Neither of these is now available.

As for the printed form of the Bibliography, it was printed by Dowden, Hutchinson, and Ross of Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania in an edition of 500 copies. 368 of these sold, a few were given to me as personal copies, and the rest (120 copies or so) were remaindered to a bookseller in Connecticut, who used to sell them for $5 each. Now I hear those are sold out, but copies still are available on the used book market (go to www.abebooks.com or www.bookfinder.com and search using the name "Felsenstein, Joseph").

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